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Lily Burns


I am a yogi at heart with strong passion for working with wellness practitioners to develop and grow their own businesses! I founded my own business, BLOSSOM, in 2008 on a leap of faith in my own abilities, creativity, perseverance, follow-through, and passion.


Determined to recover from numerous life-threatening conditions in my early 30’s, I timidly attended my first yoga class. That was the catalyst for the ultimate transition to ‘being’. Shortly after making the yoga studio my second home, I took a leap of faith and followed her intuition….to success!

From a humble beginning, BLOSSOM has evolved significantly in skill-set, quality and number of services, and enthusiastic clientele nationwide! By providing a full-spectrum of services for wellness businesses, I’m in a position to maintain continuity of work and business goals, consistency of branding and each client’s preferences in all areas.


Early on in my yoga practice, I became acquaintances and ultimately good friends with Dave Flenniken, the founder of AmorStyle Yoga Community. Though circumstances have prevented us from continuing our yoga practices together on a daily basis, the friendship and mutual respect continues.

Over the years, Dave and I frequently brainstormed ideas and ventures. The beginnings of AmorStyle Yoga Community developed during this time within the ever-expanding, remarkable mind-space of Dave’s. I’ve remained enthusiastic and confident in Dave’s vision, and honored to be involved in the process from its beginning stages.


I LIVE FROM MY HEART, personally and professionally.
It is who I am; it is the core of my being.

Over the course of my life, I have learned to persevere, accommodate, overcome, thrive, develop confidence, be creative in all aspects of life, and to live and love with all my heart and soul. I don’t give up; it’s just not in me.


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From ‘day one’ of BLOSSOM, I have articulated every detail, skill-set, service, innovative idea and word of content. I assimilated input from numerous sources and experiences to create a flourishing, healthy, reliable and rewarding means to help others have the same success.

As a persistent and quick self-taught business owner, graphic and web designer, and highly detail-oriented, organized individual, I have successfully expanded and transformed BLOSSOM, along with an abundance of businesses I’ve worked with at various stages of development.


BLOSSOM has experience in all stages of business development – helping to solidify the vision, everything needed for startup, individualized needs during times of transition, reviving businesses at risk, adding organization and vitality to existing business, and long-term investment for maintenance and growth.


BLOSSOM works with your pace and budget, guiding you through the details of starting, growing, and maintaining a business. I offer commitment, attention to detail and passion to develop a business you envision, one that brings success and lights your enthusiasm.

I am delighted to offer my professional support/assistance to this special yoga community. The opportunity to work with numerous yoga practitioners is sincerely my pleasure and honor!


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