Paid Services

When you become a paying Member, the full functionality of the website starts to open up. You get access to key information like circulation numbers, hit counts and user contact info, but also get ease of use functionality like immediate publish.

Once you become a Member, posts that you make become eligible for site wide promotions and visibility upgrades. The site administrators select Members posts to feature as the first article on the home page of the website and in subscriber emails.

Members are also able to create Ads and be the first adopters of new functionality that is developed for the website.

Note that Membership upgrades are not enabled in a Metro Area until that area has at least 2,000 Subscribers.

Click here to learn how to become a Member.

Premium Functionality

Contributors get most everything free. This table points out some of the things you can buy to improve your social sharing experience.

Service Contributor Member
Metro Area:
Ability to Request Global Visability no yes
View Statistics:
Page Impression Numbers no yes
Mark Count no yes
Include Me (contact) Info no yes
Immediate Publish no yes
Unlimited Posting no yes
Videos in Posts no limited
Create Ads no yes
Enable comments on some posts no yes
Button Bar:
Me Too button no yes
Eligible to be Feature Article no yes

Global Visibility

When assigning the Metro Area for a post, Members will have the ability to request that their post be viewed in every Metro Area rather than the specified area. Only posts that qualify will be granted this visibility. Articles that are applicable for everyone are generally allowed. This includes events that require that people travel outside the Subscribers local areas.
View Statistics

Everyone gets to see the Namaste count on articles that they read. Members get to see who is getting the page feeds. This website tracks Visitors, Subscribers, Contributors and Members numbers separately. Members get to see how many people have the article tagged for review (Mark Button), how many reads (page impressions) and how many people have requested to be included (Include Me button).

On the back-end of the site, the Member gets to see circulation numbers for both their Metro Area and the entire website.

Videos in Posts

Linking to YouTube, or another video playing service is allowed, but uploading and feeding video content of the AmorStyle Yoga Community service is not. To keep the cost of the website down, we must also keep bandwidth down. Members with larger followings will be granted some video posting permission upon request.

Create Ads

Currently, the website offers 4 locations for ads: the header, second position content, widget and footer. All ads run for 1 week and prices are based on circulation numbers in the Metro Areas in which they run.

If you would like to learn more about posting an ad, please visit our Create Ad page.


Comments can be a huge waste of time and a source of frustration for users. Thus this website only allows Subscribers to comment and offers Members the ability to enable or disable comments on their post. If the Member doesn’t have time to respond to comments, they don’t have too.

Me Too Button

The Me Too button is only offered to logged in Members and only on globally visible posts. The intent of the button is to allow local people to be associated with global topics so that when a local viewer opens the post, they will see local people that are specialized in the post topic or information. This allows website visitors to find local Members that are educated in the post’s content.

To learn more about all the buttons, visit the Button Bar page.


The key thing about this website is that we want our Members to stand out and be recognized. To do that, we’ll feature well written articles or meaningful posts in more visible ways. This may involve pinning the article to the top of the home page in a metro area, or pinning it to the top globally. We may create a sidebar widget with highest rated articles or editors picks. We might also use the article during an email campaign. We’re here to make sure the content is seen.