Front-end vs. Back-end

This website is built upon WordPress. It is the world’s #1 blogging software and, as you can see, it’s highly customizable. When posting or visiting this site, you’ll need to be somewhat familiar with both the front-end and back-end particularly with regards to navigation and intention.


  • Where data is entered
  • Where access to your registration information is stored


  • Where the data is displayed
  • Where you can interact with the data

Here are images that visually show a few simple tasks.

Take special note of how ‘profile’ is used on this site. There is a user profile – private to the website, there is a post of type person – which is your public personal ‘profile’ and there is a profile menu option.

Switching between front & back

To get to the back-end so you can enter content, click the Post Content link.

To get to the front-end to view content, click the AmorStyle Yoga Community link.