Free Services

All the content on this website is available for anyone to see.

The functionality that is provided by the website to help you see, and input, information is determined by your user level.

The chart below shows the functionality associated with the three free user classifications: Visitor, Subscriber and Contributor. Subscribers will need to create a user name and provide their email. Once you are a Subscriber, you can upgrade to becoming a Contributor if you teach yoga.

Click here to learn how to become a Subscriber.

Click here to learn how to become a Contributor.

Free Functionality

What you can do if you register on the site versus what you can do as a visitor.

Service Visitor Subscriber Contributor
Metro Area:
Locality Filtering no yes yes
Post Content:
Create Posts no no yes
Create Personal Profile no no yes
Create Places no no yes
Create Events no no yes
Profile Settings no yes yes
Comment no yes yes
Button Bar:
Marking no yes yes
Namaste no yes yes
Include Me no yes yes
Flag Content no no yes
Affiliations no no yes
Me Too no no no

* Visitor - Unknown person visiting the website.
* Subscriber - Someone that has registered on this site.
* Contributor - Registered user that shares on this site.