There are people in this world that do things, and there are others that empower them to do it.

This website has been a dream of mine since the winter of 2015. Lots of time was spent dreaming, writing, laughing, stressing about what it could do and how it would do it. Many hours of my life have gone into this site and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of those around me.

First and foremost, I would like to give credit to my wife who has reluctantly embraced the website only after seeing the first working versions. She has gracefully given me space to explore and create even though it’s meant late nights for me and lonely evenings for her. She takes really good care of me. This website would probably not exist without her support.

I’d like to thank my family members for putting up with my all encompassing passion for the AmorStyle Yoga Community. I’ve taken every opportunity to talk about the site with them and treasured their input. To all of you, thanks!

To my friend Lori who always been very supportive, sorry it’s taken me so long.

To my friend Lily, thanks for the encouraging words and your willingness to get involved. Your attention to details has given this first version of the website the polish that pleases my eyes. I look forward to you being able to help others to create pleasing posts.

It’s not done, but good enough to use. I love coding and now I get to figure out what functionality is really important to the yoga community. I’m looking forward to enhancing this site and watching the community grow.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.