Create Profile

In order to contribute anything on the site, you must have a public profile – post of type person – linked to your user account. This is done on the back-end of the site. Once completed and approved, the post of type person will show up in three different places:

  • Under the Home menu item
  • Under the Members menu item
  • Under the profile menu item when that person is logged in

At that point, the menu opens up for you and you can create posts of type place and posts of type events.


BLOSSOM provides personalized technical and creative assistance for social sharing in the community. This may include minor adjustments to profile images, developing your profile, creating Event listings, to working with you to setup and manage your social sharing plan.
If interested, just follow the BLOSSOM ‘Support’ button for details. 

Creating a Person Profile

To get to the back-end so you can enter content, click the Post Content link.

On the back end of the site, choose People.

Click to Add New.

Enter person's name and content.

Press save button.

Each post of type person must be linked to a website user, thus enter your login name and your email address. Press the Link this user button.

Scroll down, fill in Basic Information. Press Save Button.

Scroll down, fill in the portrait information. Press the Save Image button.

If you don't like that picture, do over by pressing the Remove Image button.

Scroll down and fill in the post metro area information. Press the save button.

Optional: Scroll down and fill in address. Press Save button.

Finally, click the Submit for Review button.

To review the status of your post, click the All People menu item under People.