Create Event

Post of type Event are created on the back-end of the website. Once approved, they show up under the Home and Events menu options on the front-end of the site. Only users with Contributor or better privileges can create posts of type event.

Note that all posts of type Event have two requirements:

  • There must be a post of type person to link in as the organizer
  • There must be a plot of type place to link in as the location

Every event happens at a place and is organized by some specific person. This website requires that these two pieces of information are provided in order to complete the event. Because the power of this website is found in the linking of information, it’s not enough to simply include that information in the description.

Creating an Event

To get to the back-end so you can enter content, click the Post Content link.

On the back end of the site, choose Events.

Click to Add New.

Enter title of event and content.

Press save button.

Scroll down, fill in the portrait information. Press the Save Image button. If you don't like it, Remove it and try again.

Scroll down and fill in the post metro area information. Press the save button.

Scroll down and fill in the Organizer Information. Press the Save Organizer button.

Scroll down and fill in the location Information. Press the Save location button.

Finally, click the Submit for Review button.

To review the status of your post, click the All Events menu item.

or BLOSSOM for paid technical support