Compare Social Sites

This page is provided as a supplement for the about page. The AmorStyle Yoga Community is attempting to provide a yoga centric feel to a social sharing website at a price point that is affordable for everyone. This Website implements key functionality that the larger sites provide, but intentionally leaves out the fluff.

What does it mean to be a social sharing site? Here are some of the key features that social sharing sites provide and what we have to offer.

How We Compare

Problem AmorStyle Yoga Community
Limits who sees your post to a small percentage of friends. Viewing is open to everyone in the post Metro Area.
Shows to your friends. Shows to everyone.
Charges to boost posts to random people. Free postings to people interested in Yoga.
Postings are lost in time. Mark button to pin posts in profile so they can be found as long as the Subscriber keep it there.
Yoga Directories:
Listings are expensive. Get listed with us for free.
Very limited profiles. Rich profiles are encouraged.
No feedback that the listing is doing anything. Visitation statistics are shown for each post.
They claim large visitation numbers. We show you our numbers.
Direct email marketing:
Listings are very expensive. Our email marketing is very limited. But, we intend to figure out how to make the technology work for us and provide an inexpensive solution.
Other Social Media:
Nothing that specifically reaches Yoga people. We are all about Yoga!
Limits who sees your post to a small percentage of friends. Viewing is open to everyone in the post Metro Area.

* This is a cooperative social sharing site. The idea is to share openly, in a safe manner so that everyone benefits.

Social Networking Site Features

Key Feature Description What we offer
Free web space Each member is provided free web space to publish content. Rather than saying 'free web space', we allow users to post a reasonable number of posts.
Free web address Each member gets a unique web address that becomes the identity of that individual or business. The members can then use their web address or url to promote themselves or their business. Rather than issuing unique addresses, we offer unique user Ids. With that Id, you can create a profile that can be promoted. It doesn't matter if you're an individual or business.
Build Profile Members are provided web space to build their profiles. We allow profiles, but treat the space differently. Rather than building out your profile, you build out your connections.
Upload content The Social Networking Sites allow members to upload text messages, photographs, audio and video files free of cost. All posts are arranged in descending order with the last post coming first. Further, all content is published in real time, and becomes visible instantly. We allow the uploading of text and pictures. Posts are generally shown newest to oldest. Depending on what type of account you have, content may be uploaded immediately or delayed slightly.
Build conversations Content posted by members can be browsed and commented upon by all members who form part of the community. All posted content is available for anyone to see. We allow for linking to the posts in many different ways in order to help the visitors find the information. Comments are limited to Subscribers and the poster can choose to enable to disable comments.
Chat client Most Social Networking Sites have chat clients and members who can chat with each other in real time. No real-time chat. You've got better things to do with your time. We allow registered members to request contact. This allows members to communicate by whatever means they want - outside this website.
E-mail Members can send e-mails to each other. The Social Networking Sites also send e-mail alerts whenever a member is tagged in a third party post. This enables members to learn when a fellow member has connected to them. No email functionality - at this time. We allow the members to share emails, but only if they want too. It's an opt-in process.
Create Pages Members are allowed to create pages where they can post articles or photographs related to a theme. The pages can also be used to promote businesses. All posts are already part of the community theme. There is no need for creating sub-themes.