Button Bar

The Button Bar allows you to interact on the website. Depending on the type of account you have with the website, you’ll be presented different buttons and be allowed to access that functionality.


No Buttons. All buttons generate information about the postings and user’s interactions with that post. Visitors do not have an account with the site, thus the information is incomplete, thus not all that useful. Consider subscribing.


The three useful buttons for Subscribers are the Mark, Namaste and Include Me buttons.


The Mark button allows for longer term tracking and review. When you mark a post, that post shows up on the Mark list on your Profile page. If you simply want to review the post later or track an event that you’re interested in, you can add it to your Mark list and have immediate access to it. To remove the Mark, or stop tracking that post, simply click the Mark button a second time.

Authors, that are Members, are shown the count of marks on their article when they visit the article in their Post History on the Profile page.


The Namaste button is our version of a like button. By clicking the button, you’ve shown your support and appreciation for that post or author’s work.

The Namaste Count is shown for each post when the full post is displayed.

Include Me:

The Include Me button is a step up from liking something. By pressing this button, you express your desire to be more connected with the post. For example, if the post is an event, you would press this button to express that you are seriously interested in attending that event.

When you press this button, the author of the post is notified of your interest in the post. This notification shows up as a count in their Profile and as a list below the actual post, but only for the post author. You will also see a copy of the event in your profile in the Include Me section.


Along with the Subscribers buttons, Contributors also get to flag content and affiliate themselves to people or places on the website.


Because this site is an interactive cooperative site where Members are given the right to immediately publish material, we provide a Flag button which allows Contributors to point out posts that are clearly outside the bounds of the terms and conditions of this site. We reserve the right to remove any post, for any reason. By flagging content, Contributors can quickly bring violations to our attention.


The Affiliation button is a strong linking button that grants rights to other people and allows them to be associated with posts on the site.

It is an interactive process to become affiliated with someone or something on the website. By clicking the Affiliation button, you are claiming that you work with someone or you know everything about something where the author of the post can verify the truth in your claim. Thus, once clicked, your request for affiliation makes the post show up on the Profile page of the author of the post. The author is given the opportunity to accept or decline your affiliation.

If the affiliation is confirmed, the requestor will show up on the main post page in the affiliate list along with showing up in the authors ‘organizer’ list when making posts that require an organizer.

When you affiliate to something on the site, you are considered tightly bound to or connected to whatever you affiliate with. You could basically ‘speak for’ that person if need be.


Along with everything that Contributors see, Members of the website get the Me Too button.

Me Too:

The Me Too button allows associations with posts without having to get approval (as with the Affiliation button). This button is tied to posts that are seen globally. The idea behind the post is to associate local people to global topics.

When Members press the Me Too button on global posts, the website will display the member’s profile on the post page below the affiliates. What’s unique about the Me Too button is that the website filters that list down to just the people in the same Metro Area as the user visiting the page. This allows the user of the website to see local people that are experts, or simply well-versed, in the topic covered in the post.