This site was conceived to solve a number of problems that I’ve faced while growing my yoga business. Having worked in the technology field for 25 years, I know a bit about the technology that runs the websites that we use to get the word out about our services. I’m also familiar with the games that are played to make their services seem better than they actually are.

Thus, the AmorStyle Yoga Community is my effort at working around those problems and providing a reasonable platform for other yogis to use and leverage.

Some of the problems

Local vs. Global

Being connected to the web implies the content will be seen globally. Yet, that doesn’t really help build a local community. We all need a place to post local information and connect to people just down the street. To help address this, this website attaches locality information to each post and shows that post to subscribers in the matching Metro Area. The website attempts to make the information locally meaningful


In the last census, the BLS shows that yoga instructors make about $38k a year working two jobs whereas their clients have household incomes around $95k. Advertising, in all its forms, becomes expensive quickly. Yoga instructors need something that’s free or darn near close to free. Contributors post for free in the community.

Social Media

The larger social media sites are a bit deceptive. When you post, the sites show the information to some of your followers. They withhold showing the post to all in order to get you to pay for a broader circulation. You might find that posts only reach 10-15% of your followers. Is it too much to ask that all posts get seen by all interested people? That’s what we’re shooting to do here. We don’t want to hide any information from your potential client and we’ll do what we can to help get your information to local folks.

Websites & Email

There are lots of different websites that provide yoga services like: directory services, targeted website advertising and email marketing. They claim to have thousands of unique visitors per some time period or some huge number of people on their email list. When it comes to visiting websites, the modern statistics engines can’t tell the difference between a person or a machine (spam is generally generated by machines). Thus the visitation counts are overblown by huge percentages. Email lists have a high probability of ending up in the junk folder. There is no real way to validate click through rates. With the AmorStyle Yoga Community, I’ve coded the site to count page impressions to actual logged in subscribers. If you upgrade to becoming a Member of the community, you can see the circulation information for each Metro Area (and total). I don’t know of any other website that does this!


We’re here to help you. This website is in its infancy. If there is some functionality that you would like to see built in here, let us know. If it’s easy and cheap to code, we’ll put it on the list. There is lots of functionality already in the pipeline so stay tuned, there’s more to come!


Ultimately, if you use the website, we’ll make it better. We’re committed to making this the best yoga centric social media site on the web. Sign up, Check it out and give us feedback.


David Flenniken

David is a quiet, passionate, yet grounded old soul that loves yoga. Yoga is a way of life. To him, it’s always been his way of life. He found yoga in his teens, explored it, but his curiously drove...

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